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Business Limousinenservice 


From Mercedes S-, E- and V-type, to Audi A8  - In our business limousine transfer, we have all these premium brands available for you.


          Shuttle service          and major events


During major events or trade fairs, we provide buses in all categories for 7-50 people as a shuttle service or for your company outing.


Multilingual city tours


Get to know the metropolis of Hamburg in more than 12 different languages, including Japanese and Mandarin. This city is beautiful in every language!


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We are Limousinenservice24.Hamburg –  hanseatic, discreet and available only for you. For us, your word and a handshake are good enough to open any door. Enjoy our premium services – always reliable, on time and diplomatic in any event. We ensure that you remain in control of the situation!


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